Soorfy. Smart wrist band to locate your child

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Wrist band

Soorfy is an electronic wrist band for child safety and application for parents which are communicated via Bluetooth 4.0. Soorfy wrist band, works in both indoor and outdoor. The device has a range up to 200 and is inductively loaded. It works on a single charge for two weeks and is water, sand and shocks resistant. Wrist band is made of child-friendly materials, and the device can be placed anywhere.

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works inside buildings
long battery life

A parent-friendly app

Soorfy is safety wrist band for the children and application for parent, which inform about direction, distance, location and other important incidents.

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safe area
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Soorfy Community Function

Soorfy also has a network of early warning function and connected with the security services as the police and safeguard If a children is out of range of wrist band or at any time when the child is at risk his guardian can trigger an alarm and provide the child's data on the network. Thanks to the alarm every registered Soorfy user, police and guardian will be able to participate in locating the children. Each registered user phone listens to alarm signal. If child is in the vicinity a child guardian will automatically receive information about the child position. Additionally in such case all Soorfy users will be able to check in application the contact information to child carers

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Soorfy born to make your child happy

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The main goal of supports campaign is to start mass production of Soorfy. A key factor in the success of this campaigns is that more and more of you will be with us. Until the end of September we want to collect at least 1000 or even more people who have expressed their support for the project and run pre-order, mass production and some cowdfunding like or After registering before end of support campaign you will be able to: receive up to 55% discounts on band, track the status of the campaign, win prizes in competitions, track information and news from the development of the project and also send feedback, suggestions, expectations, errors and comments.

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Design for parents by parents

Soorfy Team

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Marta Skrzynecka

Idea by

Igor Sawczuk




Asia Taracha


Piotr Bogdan


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